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The Office of 学术事务


Kingsborough’s Office of 学术事务 (OAA) works with college faculty on academic programs, curriculum, assessment, faculty development, research, and other areas. OAA provides guidance to departments and ensures that KCC Studentss have a well-rounded academic experience as well as a holistic support system through initiatives and programs 如 实现梦想15-to-Finish尽快劝告学院海星, and a focus on high-impact practices and co-curricular activities.

We in the OAA are passionate about higher education and the  使命宣言  of Kingsborough Community College. We are proud to support our extraordinary faculty, and to team with faculty and staff to create a high-quality education and enriched campus experience for our Studentss.

Our commitment to equity informs all the work we do. Equity is achieved through inclusion and through the active removal or mitigation of hindrances to full access to opportunities, resources and support for all members of a community. It also means ensuring that all members of said community have consistent and meaningful opportunities to participate in communal life and to play a role in shaping the culture of the community.

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The office is headed by the Senior 副总统 for 学术事务 and 教务长, Dr. 乔安妮·罗素 and includes the 副教务长 and Dean of Health Programs, Dr. 玛丽道森, the 学院院长, Dr. 戈登Alley-Young and the Dean for Student Success Programs, Dr. 叶莲娜Bondar.