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Kingsborough Community College Food Service

To order refreshments for an event on campus from the college food service, Panda House, please consult the Food Services Webpage for detailed instructions.  It is wise to initiate your food order form approximately 12 days in advance in order to determine your source of funds, obtain pricing from Panda House and obtain the required signatures on your Food Order Form.   Feel free to call us if you wish to discuss an upcoming event or need guidance / suggestions with menu planning.

Food Order Form for Faculty and Staff Food Order Form for Registered Student Organizations (RSO)

Maureen C. Daly
Liaison to College Food Service
Located in room A209F
Office Telephone Nos. 5028 or 5059
Fax No. 718-368-4705

Panda House Catering Menu

Frances Qiu
Operations Manager
Panda House
Located in the Beach Café (U-cafeteria)
Telephone No. 718-368-5959